Thursday, December 10, 2009

CBC's biased reporting on immigration contributes to the very poverty the broadcaster deplores

From the latest Immigration Watch Canada bulletin (CBC helped to creae the poverty it says it wants to relieve):
The principal mistake that the CBC has made is a common one. It has believed politicians' statements that current immigration numbers are no different from those in Canada's past. Also, it has accepted politicians' claim that new workers have been brought to Canada for a good reason and that these people should be integrated into Canada's economy. The truth is that current immigration numbers differ significantly from those of previous years in the sense that Canada has never had 20 years of uninterrupted high immigration. The truth is also that no sensible reason has ever been provided for bringing in the high numbers Canada has been bringing in.

As a result of ignoring reality, the CBC's biased reporting has contributed to a host of problems. One is competition between Canadian-born and newly-arrived workers for a decreasing amount of employment. Another is wage stagnation for many Canadian workers, particularly those with lower incomes. A third is a rise in the numbers of low income workers and intransigence in the country's child poverty rate. A fourth is enormous pressure on the country's social assistance programmes and already besieged health care services. A fifth is large increases in the cost of housing, especially in Canada's urban areas. Finally, there is very serious environmental damage.

In other words, the misery the CBC has helped to create on the 364 non-Foodbank days of the year makes the $500,000 raised on its one Food Bank day seem insignificant.

It seems that this has rendered them unaware that their advocacy of high immigration on 364 days of the year has helped to cause the high unemployment, child poverty and misery that they think are so shameful. By revealing that high immigration in a recession causes even higher unemployment, the CBC, as well as journalists in the private media, could have put pressure on Canada's politicians at all levels to reduce immigration.
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