Friday, November 27, 2009

Sinhalese Buddhist temple set on fire for second time in Scarborough

Alexander Posadzki and John Rieti write in the Toronto Star (Arson suspected in latest Scarborough Buddhist temple fire, Nov. 27):
A Sinhalese Buddhist temple in Scarborough torched in May was set ablaze again in a fire police are calling arson.

The fire started before 2 a.m. Friday on the wooden porch that encircles the Kingston Rd. temple, near Beechgrove Dr.

The porch was lined with bottles of flammable liquid meant to help the flames spread quickly, thus making arson likely, said Toronto fire.


Police are again looking into the possibility that the conflict in Sri Lanka motivated those behind the arson.

May's fire occurred at the peak of the civil war in Sri Lanka and the protests by Toronto's Tamil community.

Police treated the incident back in May as a hate crime due to the threats the temple received from Tamils several days before the fire.


Read the whole Star article.

In 2005 there were major riots in the heavily Muslim suburbs of Paris. Some Canadians dared to ask whether such riots could ever happen here. In general the response was smug. Nothing like this would ever happen in Canada because we have a policy of official multiculturalism that promotes tolerance and understanding. I, however, strongly disagreed with the idea that Canada is somehow immune from racial violence.

Ethnic and racial diversity always contains the potential for violence. For a government to go out of its away to promote that diversity is insanity. Democracies can only be stable where citizens share a common identity. Canada already had enough problems coping with Quebec without making things worse by introducing multiculturalism. Mass immigration combined with a policy of celebrating cultural differences is a recipe for disaster.