Sunday, June 04, 2006

Canadian news articles about the anti-terror sweep in Toronto

As you would expect, Friday's anti-terror sweep in Toronto has received a lot of news coverage, but the details of this story are still rather sketchy. I'm sure the public will learn more over time, but for now we're still largely in the dark. Below are links to various Canadian news stories about the arrests. Click on the titles.

National Post: Alleged Canadian terror plot has worldwide links

National Post: Nevermind foreign terrorists, why is Canada growing its own extremists?

National Post: Harper praises security effort

National Post: Canadians apathetic about terror threat

National Post: West-end Toronto mosque vandalized

National Post: Bomb material easy to get

Toronto Star: Special page with links

Toronto Star: Suspect profiles

Toronto Star: RCMP behind bomb material

Toronto Star: `That's enough for a really, really big truck bomb'

Toronto Star: Sharpshooters, bomb dogs, tears

Toronto Star: The ties that bind 17 suspects?

Toronto Star: A fear of guilt by association

Globe and Mail: Terror suspects appear in court

Globe and Mail: Accused from a 'broad strata' of society

Toronto Sun: Cell targeted CSIS and police

Toronto Sun: EDITORIAL: Fighting the enemy inside the gates

Toronto Sun: Eric Margolis: Canada is a target

Toronto Sun: Police display jumble of seized gear

Toronto Sun: Reaction to the terror arrests

Toronto Sun: Snipers, choppers patrol Brampton courthouse

Toronto Sun: Suspects face court

Toronto Sun: Joe Warmington: The threat among us

Toronto Sun: 'Alarming' amount of fertilizer seized

Toronto Sun: The suspects

Toronto Sun: PM vows to carry fight

Toronto Sun: Miller was kept up to speed on probe

Toronto Sun: Canadian investigators 'top-shelf'

Toronto Sun: 'We had no idea what was happening'

CBC News: Indepth: Anti-terror sweep

CBC News: Indepth: Canadian Security: Anti-terrorism Act

CBC News: Mosque vandalized after bomb-plot sweep

CBC News: Bomb plot suspects appear in court

CBC News: Accused 'inspired by al-Qaeda,' say police

CBC News: Alleged terror group participants come from all walks of life

CBC News: International connection emerges in alleged Ontario plot: FBI