Monday, June 12, 2006

Asian gangs in Alberta

From the Calgary Herald (Boom lures gangs: report by Jason van Rassel, June 8):

Sophisticated organized crime groups are putting down deeper roots and entering several illegal -- and legal -- businesses to capitalize on Alberta's booming economy, the province's law enforcement agencies say in an intelligence report released Wednesday.

Outlaw biker gangs are establishing puppet clubs to expand their influence over the drug trade throughout the province while two Calgary street gangs, FOB and FK, continue to wage a bloody feud for power and prestige that has already claimed at least four lives since 2002.

Amid the violence and the shifting alliances documented by the Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta in its annual report, there is also new evidence a large Asian crime syndicate in Calgary has quietly spread its tentacles into many illegal rackets while resisting attempts by police to shut them down.

"Another Asian-based organized crime group has been a significant enforcement priority, having connections to virtually every organized crime group in the Calgary area," the report says. "A large number of legitimate holdings facilitate the laundering of money from several diverse activities such as marihuana cultivation, distribution and exportation, loan sharking, methamphetamine production and distribution."

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Thanks to the reader who pointed this article out to me.